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'... and green my eyes'

Melodramatic ramblings of an unconventional, crossdressing Christian kid

AndgreenmyO_Os's bio is now in three languages!!! :D

Hello! My name is andgreenmyO_Os. I am a student, and also an artist and writer. I am eccentric, and silly. I am Canadian and American. I speak a bit of French and Russian, so feel free to contact me in either, but to know my limitations in both keep me from saying anything too complex. :) Thanks!

Bonjour! Je m'appelle andgreenmyO_Os. Je suis un étudiant, et aussi une artiste et un écrivant. Je suis excentrique, et ludique (playful?.) Je suis Canadien et Américain, mais j’habite au Canada. Si vous voulez me parler, savez s'il vous plaît que mon français n’est pas aussi bon car il pourrait être, mais j’espère d’améliorer si j’utilise plus fréquemment. Merci!

Здравствуйте! Меня зовут andgreenmyO_Os. Я студент, а тoже художник и писатель. Я эксцентричный и несерьезный. Я канадских и американских но я живу в Канаде. Спасибо!

Please feel free to correct any spelling/grammar/usage errors above. ^_^'

The rest of this I'm doing in English:

Things you might want to know:

I'm vegetarian. I'm also a panromantic who was born female, but who identifies as male. I suppose that might make me transgendered. The fact is, all I know is it makes me 'me.' (To be fair, I'm still figuring it out. I only stopped being in denial about seven months ago.) Oh, and after being a Catholic for all of my youth, I've become an Attender at a Quaker Meeting House... and it looks like I'm there to stay. :)

My favourite hobbies include drawing, singing, acting, writing, and playing video games. I like to dance, too, but I'm absolutely awful at it. I do it anyway, though, to embarrass my friends and family. XD

I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and a severe fear of heights. I also have really shoddy knees that go out a lot unless I excersize. Being as I'm lazy, they go out a lot. XD

My current favourite foods include Greek salad, pizza, pasta, pitas and wraps, vegetarian sushi, Ethiopian food, Lebanese food, cheese, nuts, chocolate, red bean, sweets, soups, sandwiches, hamburgers (veggie), onion rings, spicy crispy fries, kraft dinner, cake, doughnuts, beans (in salads, baked, or right from the can,) lentils, pommegranates, figs, apples, and oranges. I love food. :D

My favourite drinks include water, iced tea (sweet or not,) hot tea, fruit juice, coffee, hot chocolate, Fanta, Perrier, Orangina, flavoured soy milk, flavoured water, Vitamin water, egg nog, and vodka. ;P

My current favourite singers and bands are Warren Zevon, The Hollies, The Beatles, John Denver, and, currenly, Billy Joel (sorry, Mother!! (she hates him, lol.))

My favourite games are fallout 1&2, the sims 3, spore, and mario kart. (I play as Luigi. ^_^ Someday, when I've unlocked Baby LuigiI may switch to him.)

My favourite colours are green, brown, blue-grey, and goldenrod. (To Em: "I like Eeeeeaaaaarth Tooooones!")

I dislike violence, cruelty, discrimination, air travel, heights, thunderstorms + unexpected loud noises, and dead things (esp. fish)

I also like to crossplay. My favourite male cosplays are Marauders Era!Remus Lupin from Harry Potter, and Ivan Braginski from Axis Powers: Hetalia. I also frequently do steampunk/period crossplay, and have been known to dress as other characters, too.

For sure:
- Nero Wolfe
- Dr. Watson
- Jack Aubrey
- Gellert Grindlewald
- Neville Longbottom (depends on me getting my hair cut)

There. Nice and short, but to the point. Enjoy the blog, folks


I am

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Who are you?

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