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Writer's Block: Almost like a song

How would you describe your ideal romantic partner in six words?

Good, honest, gentle, creative, unusual, compatible.

Russian Verbs, and a New Professor


Я очень прикрацна! Я пишу моё первое сочинение. Тема << семья >> - нелегко., но я работаю, итак у меня ецт хорошое соченение. я могу говопить по-Русский! Ура!)))))))

I'm so proud of myself! I'll post the composition once it's been marked, and tell you guys how I did.

Oh,  Василий, if I have mistakes, will you let me know? ><' Thanks!!

Hugs, everyone!
- angreenmyo-os

Also, just found a good online Cyrillic keyboard, for those of you who, like me, don't have one of your own. 

(EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention my new Professor. She's really nice, and is from Belarus.)
Two reasons, actually.

First, my cat's adoption, which was essentially as good as guaranteed, fell through thanks to the adoption contract being ridiculously invasive. I wanted to own a cat, not foster one, and when I wouldn't play by the rules of the organisation's game, and they made it clear they wouldn't budge, we mutually decided that it was not a good idea to proceed further. As such, I now have a house full of cat supplies and no desire to get a cat, seeing as I really just want a bloodhound anyway, and the cat took forever to bond with, before everything went to hell. >:( Cats are alright and all, but in a heartbeat, I know I'd choose a bloodhound over any other animal on earth. They're the most beautiful, most pleasant, and most efficient breed I can think of. Sadly, dogs cost a lot, bloodhounds and other large dogs cost more, and the kind of property that is accomodating to such a dog costs even more. If I even get one, it will be many years from now.

The other thing is that my grandparents are having to be relocated to an assisted-living housing complex. This means, among other things, no more old family home in the country, as it must be sold, no more property, and no more potential for me to inherit the property. Does that sound callous? Yes it does. I love my grandparents, and I know that, whether they're aware of it or not, they will be happier, and certainly safer in a city close to their doctors. But I wish I had the kind of capital necessary to buy the house. No, it isn't convenient for me to live in the country, especially not in Canada's French-speaking province, seeing as I can't say much in French and certainly have no desire to switch universities at this point, but I could rent out the property, save up, renovate, and ultimately get my large fenced-in yard, wherein I could have my bloodhound. In short, the house combines multiple dreams into one big almost-reality that, if this were all occuring ten years down the line, I could actually hope to afford.

And because I'm heartless neurotic and emotionally disfunctional, I am also possibly grieving about losing my cat, and ,both my grandparents' surrendering freedom. I just am so good at bottling it up that I can't actually tell when I'm grieving, except that it usually manifests itself as some kind of illness. I had the headache from hell a few days back, so that's likely it making an appearance.

Thanks to these incidents, I'm too frustrated to really want to blog a lot. I'm trying to vent a bit, let off some steam, but also to check in and let you guys know what happened to me. I'll be back once I get through this, good and regular, like.

PS: Jalapeno potato chips are disgusting. I can't compliment them at all. I had one and nearly hurled. NOT GOOD. Sorry Mum, but I'm glad you like them - they're all yours.

A Favourite Pairing List

My current favourite pairings are:

Roger/Mark - RENT

Collins/Angel - RENT

Ryan/Esposito - Castle

<3 I luv my boyslash. :)

A quick update:

My Franz Kafka presentation went well.

Watched 'High Noon' in film class. It's one of my new faves for sure.

Ate some tasty Mexican beans from a can, ate a wrap, ate an Apple butter cookie. Om Nom Nom. Sooo tasty. :)

Went to PTY for the first time. It was interesting, at times difficult, at times exhausting, but good over all. I'll be back, I'm sure. (I just occasionally get very weary/sick of contemplating my gender all the time.) Couldn't find money and therefore didn't go out after for coffee, but I told my coming out story, such as it was. (It's hard to talk about it, since lately I have been feeling the need to be feminine - I always get like this after I've been too involved in self-study. It's like how I am about oranges or tomato juice after eating too many carbs.)

I'd go into more detail, but I'm plum tuckered out. Talk to you later!

Best Drink for Late Night Stress Relief

I call it 'Siegfried's Bottled Cheerful Wonder'

You need:

- the tail end of a bottle of Cream Soda Fanta
- some Coca Cola
- ample vodka

Pour liberally into Fanta bottle (you may need to work a bit to get the right mixture - I used equal Coke/Fanta mix, with maybe 1/4th parts vodka.)

Shake and chug in the doorway. Bad feelings gone. XD (Plus, the soda gives that added buzz needed to get your evening's work done.)


The Adventures of Crazy Cat-Daddy

Today, Crazy Cat-Daddy and Cat-Daddy's daddy went out to buy pet supplies for Milo...

We bought:


 And a fun dangler! :D

Dad bought most of this, and more, as my Christmas present. And he's gonna help me put up the cat tree soon. :) Sooooo excited!

Also continued the Castle marathon and finished season 1! Yay!

Musings at 1 am

First off, I have decided that I need to clean my laptop screen ASAP. The little speck that makes everyone look like they have a roving birthmark is OK. It's the rude, dangly one to the left of center that's really too much. I can't be staring at that all the time.

Second, I went to meet Milo today. :) He is in good healthy, all went well, and I will be his daddy by, ideally, the 2nd weekend of January. :) I am very excited indeed. He's a big fellow - a 14 pounder! Is that a lot for a cat? It seems pretty substantial to me. Anyway, he's an angel and I am already very fond of him.

Third, I had a Castle marathon today, punctuated by a talk with Nat, and large bouts of eating. :) I watched all but one episode of season 1. (One episode, A Chill Goes Through Her Veins, I watched twice, since my folks wanted to see one.) I also watched a Blackadder (Series III, Episode 1,) and a Nero Wolfe (Death of a Doxy.) Life is good. :)

I really ought to be getting along, as it's one in the morning. But I'm all revved up on sugar right now. -_- And Stephen Colbert's on!!!! :D

... wow. I am really over-tired. ><

 Oh yeah, and I'm saving up to get a membership to a shooting range. :)

That's it for news, though.

- agmy-_-z Z ZZZZ

Writer's Block: Drum roll, please!

After all the commercial hype and build up, do you ever feel a sense of let-down right after the holidays? Why or why not?

Sometimes, depending on how involved I was in the festivities.

The Christmas/Birthday Party: Results

Well, the Christmas/Birthday party last night was a huge success. The five of us played numerous games, chatted, ate until we couldn't breathe, watched The Great Mouse Detective, and had a nie time indeed. Especially fitting six people into a car that seats five. That was hilarious. Thanks to everyone who helped and who came to it! :D

Happy Christmas!!!!
- andgreenmy^_^s


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