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Writer's Block: Showing your pride

What do you so strongly believe in that you would march in the streets to support, and why?

Equal rights for everyone, economic equality and living wage, religious freedoms, environmental sustainability... the list goes on...

Ages and ages and ages....


That's how long it's been since I was online properly, blogging about important things and such. Well, no more. I'm working my butt off to get out at least one decent post.

So what's new?


Well, loads. I finished my first year of Uni, dealt with serious family emergencies, applied for an assessment at a gender therapist clinic in Toronto, learned to play some stuff on a banjo, and took loads of photos, to name a few things. I've also become much more interested in politics and world issues than I used to be. I've decided that that will be the focus of this blog, for the most part, now. Less about me, because, really, who cares about me? I'd rather talk about important things:




Canada had a federal election, to begin with. It was my first time voting, so that was exciting, and I, as did many young people, hopped on the Obama-esque NDP bandwagon. They, like Obama, had a variety of progressive platforms that covered everything from labour to the environment.

Personally, I was interested because of Mr. Layton's position on GLBT issues, especially on the rights of transgender individuals, and the recognition of gender identity and expression in the Canadian Human Rights Act. Also, Layton, unlike Mr. Ignatieff, Layton actually had a kind of charisma people seemed to like. He had a chance of doing some really great stuff. And ANYONE was better than Harper.

(Look at it this way: which one of these guys would YOU want running your country?)

(PM Harper)


(The face of a 'new Canada.')

Anyway, anyone in Canada, and anyone elsewhere with an interest in politics, knows that Harper stuck around. BUT we managed to make the NDP the offical opposition, even if it did give Harper the majority he's been craving for the past, like, billion years.

So was it worth it?

Who knows, really? Harper is being a major butthurt, legislating the postal workers back and such. But we shook things up, and between philabustering and generally being awesome, the NDP is making a memorable place for themselves in Canada's history books. For once, I feel like there's hope for this country. The queer socialist in me is jumping for joy. Yes, Harper is ruining this country, but there is a time for everything, and it could be that the NDP is nearing its day of glory.

(Well, one would hope so.)


In other news, and I only heard about this yesterday, GLBT activists were detained and  attacked at a Pride demonstration in St. Petersburg, Russia. Reportedly, one guy was hit in the face by a civilian (who was then apprehended.) There were less than 20 people there.

Meanwhile, in New York, gay marriage has been legalized, and hundreds of people celebrated and proposed to their loved ones.

Something is fundamentally wrong with the world, but that's not the important message to take from this. What IS important is we celebrate with the New Yorkers, and support our brothers and sisters in Russia, and elsewhere, who are struggling for the rights that we have in Canada and, to a lesser degree, in the US. We in the West are far from equal in many circumstances, but we enjoy priveleges and protection that the brave activists in St. Petersburg do not have, that the men and women who are sentenced to death, or killed in hate-crimes do not have.

There is a need for solidarity, and strength, and faith that the truth will prevail. We are equal people, we bleed, we love, we cry, we hate, we suffer, we strive, we breathe, we need, and we yearn. We need to keep believing that things will improve.

I extend my support and admiration to our fellows in Russia, and worldwide. Blessings to all of you, and thank you for your strength.

- andgreenmyo-os



Writer's Block: See you on the other side

If you could find out what happens after you die, would you want to know?

No. I have faith for that. :)

not dead, I swear.

So, hi everyone. Long time no blog, lol.

Basically, I've been busy with personal stuff and school, and have neglected my blog. I do apologize, since I wanted to keep on top of everything, and update regularly.

To all my friends:

Hi!!! Привет!!!
It's been too long. How are you?

Take care,

Wonderful Day(s)!!

Hello all!

So the past two days have been both wonderful and incredibly productive for me. Allow me to express why:
- I got a 73% on my Sociology midterm exam, and an 83% on my Russian midterm exam.

- I reconnected with my faith!!! 8D

Also, today, I was feeling so darned happy. This is what happened today.
I woke up late and nearly missed my bus, but was still in a great mood. I improvised, took a different route, and got to school in time for my class.

We watched a wonderful film today in my Film class called 'Harlan County USA' which is a documentary from the 1970s about mine-workers in Kentucky getting a union. It's really inspiring to say the least. I just really enjoyed it, and felt empowered watching them struggle through so much hardship and persevere - it made me feel like I could, too.

Still in a happy mood, I made an unscheduled stop at Em's house and had a nice chat with her Mum, and invited Em out for dinner, on me. We went for Vietnamese food and it was DELICIOUS. I had curried tofu with bamboo and onions, and rice. She had orange chicken. We both had coconut bubble tea sherbets, and mine had RAINBOW JELLY!!! 8D I left a really nice tip.

From there, I went to my queer youth group, and met up with my friend there, and we had a great discussion of gender and the history of trans/genderqueer-ism. Really interesting!

After this, I went to coffee with some youth group people, and had a great time.

Then, I gave 6$ to a really polite, really nice homeless man, who was so thankful and moved by it (he'd been hoping for like, 2$ at most.) I told him to take care and God bless, and he said the same, and we parted ways happily. I hope he finds somewhere warm and safe to stay tonight. <3 He was such a nice guy.

And then, I caught a bus, and said thank you to the driver, and caught another bus after and said thanks and goodnight to him. I never have the balls to talk to drivers, so this was big for me.

I AM SO PRODUCTIVE, AND SO PROUD OF MYSELF, AND I OWE IT ALL TO GOD'S KINDNESS AND LOVE FOR ME. I'm actually so happy right now. <3 <3 <3 Overwhelmed, a bit, but happy.

God bless you all!!
- andgreenmy^_^s

I'm not dead...

... just distracted.

So this was the weekend we were supposed to move my grandparents into the home. Except my grandfather fell in the shower and hit his head. Once we were sure he was ok, my grandmother got a bout of horrific stomach flu, likely caught waiting for him in the ER, and now is on the B.R.A.T. diet. It's a complete disaster. T_T

As for me, I'm ok. I'm mostly keeping to the sidelines, writing and drawing and doing my studies. I don't want to agitate anyone more than they already are.

So this is why I haven't been posting as much. Well, that and midterms. 

Writer's Block: You're my best friend

If you could shrink any animal down to miniature size and carry it around in your pocket, which animal would you choose?

Brown bear!!! (Or tentaspy -* is shot *-)

I was cooking today, and created a salad:

Or rather, made one with a spin on it. I took a standard bean salad, and made it South-Western. :)
- 1 can white kidney beans
- 1 can black beans
- hickory smoke BBQ sauce
- chipotle cayenne
- lemon juice
- celery
- red, orange, yellow peppers (1/2 of each)
- garlic powder

A) Rinse the beans and strain them. Put them in a bowl and add approximately 1 and a half tablespoons of BBQ sauce, a BIG pinch of chipotle cayenne.

B) Wash and dice peppers & celery (Thanks, Dad, for helping - many hands make light work!) and dry them on a paper towel. Add to bowl and put in the 2 - 2.5 tbsp of BBQ sauce, two large pinches of chipotle cayenne, three generous squirts of lemon juice, and a healthy sprinkling of garlic powder.

C) Stir and taste - it should be flavourful and savory, with a bit of a kick on it. :)

And here is your finished product:

Bizarre moment...

Today, after Russian class, I went up to my professor to ask her if she has any advice for me, since I have a great deal of difficulty speaking/reading aloud. My written work is passable, and, on my own, I read well, but in front of others, I get too nervous and can't do it. She gave me some advice and was incredibly kind to me. I told her how important it is for me to learn Russian, since I want to volunteer at Russian orphanages. She told me that it would be very hard, and all of a sudden, I began to cry. For the first time since I've been back on my medication. I just thought of the children and cried. I told her it was my vocation, and that I want to help people, all over the world, which is true. I have a real objection to the thought of never getting involved in the world, never making anyone else's life any better, if I could do so. My professor gave me a big hug, and told me that it was good that I felt like this, and that, though I would have to learn to desensitize myself enough to get by, that I could do it, though I would need to be prepared to see some difficult things. But she understood my vocation, since she herself has done lots of work for others, and is really admirable in her field. 

She was so kind to me that I just had to mention it. Afterwards, I met up with dad and had a good talk. But I still don't know why I cried just then. I think I just really feel like I'm not involved enough, that I should do more work in my community, such as volunteering to help the homeless in my home city, for example. I really need to do something with my life.

This is sort of a random thing to post, but it really affected me.

Both my Russian profs were the some of the most kind, thoughtful people I've ever met. I am glad I know them. They motivate me to study hard and continue my education in Russian language, even when the grammar is difficult, or there is a lot of studying to do.

That's all I really have to say about that... though I should mention, I suppose I should also say that I've reconnected with my religion, and have been making a real effort to be a good person lately - letting everyone on the bus ahead of me, being polite and respectful to my family, being more patient, and so on. And exercising with my father.

I'm in a strange state of mind right now. >< I'll just leave off here for now.

God bless!

Mum's coming home today!

And I am so behind in cleaning. XD

Hmm... what to say? Well, I'm not dead. :P I was just really busy.

Ooh, Em is a great friend. And she totally knows why. ;P

This week I've had so much Catholic guilt. Whenever I get way in depth on dealing with gender issues, and sexuality, I immediately want to take a cold shower and read my Bible. Still, one must persevere. I just want to be a good person. I'm perfectly content being a celibate, self-loathing Catholic, so long as I know it's the right course of action. :)

... I need to befriend a (thoughtful and open-minded) priest and ask him these things. XD
Um... what else? I've been writing/drawing/singing more. I've been trying to be a better kid for my parents. I've gotten really into HeavyxMedic even though I don't play Team Fortress 2.

That's really all I can say for now. All the best!!!

PS: People have been friending me! :D I am so honoured that folks even want to. XD Hello new friends!


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